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Ms. Kathy's Kids-- Dedicated to
Children with Visual Impairments

What's It All About?

Hello! I'm Ms. Kathy. I have 37 years of teaching
experience and being a specialist for children in public
schools who have visual impairments. This is a site
dedicated to children with visual impairments, their
families, friends and teachers.
This site used to be located at
http://www.mskathyskids.org so I hope you didn't have a
hard time finding me again!
Here's What You Will Find Here:

Definitions for visual terms and visual conditions
Ideas and activities teaching, raising and being
with children with visual impairments
A message board for sharing and receiving
ideas and questions.
Links to other sites concerning visual
Photos of ideas and students in action
Videos of activities and students in action
Look at my new videos on Louisiana Animals!
Family Web Site: THIRD
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Ms. Kathy's Blog!
I thought it important enough to pay for a web site
about our kids with visual impairments out of my own
My cat, who is also an advoCAT for furry
4-legged friends, has a store on
CafePress with
wonderful merchandize that , when purchased, will
add a few pennies for our causes. Thanks!

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