Video Page
BoxCutter's Sentences.
Matt would learn to spell 10 words or so
and use them in a video.
All About Me
Students made movie maker video about
themselves and in the process learn
another tool to
use in class for presentations.
A Week without Food
Matt's vocabulary video about a hungry
hiphop T-rex.
Brittany's All About Me  Video
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Video of Elementary Activities
We did a lot in just one semester! (Fall
Louisiana Animals
Preschools classes were in this unit. I
created an Intellitools Classrooms Suites
activity and then had an older child help me
with this video for older students.
Dr. Seuss' Birthday Celebration
One of my schools had an excellent
celebration. I was so impressed that I had
to take photos and create a video gift for
This video explained to my high
resource students and their
parents what was expected of them